2023 Season


What to expect:

Place: Chapel Lake Park, Jeffersonville, Indiana 


Age:              Race Time:        Distance:

K/1st girls         9:00              1 mile

K/1st boys         9:20              1 mile

2nd/3rd girls     9:40                2K

2nd/3rd boys    10:05              2K

4th/5th girls      10:30              2K

4th/5th boys     10:55              2K


Top 10 Individual runners following each race will be taken directly over to the TigerSharks registration tent for their top their individual awards.

11th - 25th: Custom medals that will be given out after they finish in the chute (might do additional medals depending on the amount of runners)

Team Awards:  Top 2 Teams

Team Awards will be presented after the 4th/5th boys individual awards are done.

Parking: $5 (20% of parking fees to charity) 

What to expect:

A smaller meet with around 10 teams. Important note: This will take place  immediately after school! 

Location: Meet will take place on the green space located between Waggener High School and St. Matthews Elementary


K/1 will run .5 mile 

2/3 and 4/5 will run a full mile

Race Times:

6pm - K/1 Girls

6:15 - K/1 Boys

Rolling starts after the K/1 boys


Medals will be awarded to the first 15 runners in each race.

Parking: Parking will be in the bus depot lot located on the south side of Waggener High School. 

Video of course

What to expect:


Oldham County High School 

1150 North Highway KY-393 

LaGrange , KY 40031


4th/5th Girls - 1 mile - 11:00 AM

4th/5th Boys - 1 mile - 11:20 AM

3rd and Under Girls - 1 mile - 11:40 AM

3rd and Under Boys - 1 mile - 12:00 PM


Top 3 teams

Individual - top 25

Follow directions of parking volunteers as you arrive.  Please carpool if possible. There is a lot of parking on campus. Please pay attention to the logistics map for parking areas. Overflow parking is at Oldham County Middle School.

SHOE CHIPS - We will be using the Hytek Scoring System and Chip Timing.  Each competitor will be issued a bib number and a chip.  Make sure the chip number matches the bib number.  Attach the bib number to the front of the jersey.  Attach the chip to the runners shoe with TWO zip ties and make sure the chip is secure.  


We will be removing the chips with scissors in the finish corral.  If you have entered an athlete in the meet and they are not racing, please return the chips to the scoring table in the baggie that the chips came in.

ADMISSION:  Cost of admission will be $3 per adult.  Children are free. 

CONCESSIONS:  Concessions will be located near Tent City & will offer water, gatorade, breakfast items, snacks and Chick-Fil-a sandwiches.  Tizik Shaved Ice will be available for purchase. Tiger Run shirts - $20.

Course Map


What to expect:


East Middle School

600 Rocket Ln, Shelbyville, KY 40065


Girls Elementary (grades 4-5) 2:00pm 1 mile

Boys Elementary (grade 4-5) 2:20pm 1 mile

Elementary Grades 3 and under (Girls) 2:40 pm 1 mile

Elementary Grades 3 and under (Boys) 2:50 pm 1 mile

Elementary Open Boys (All Grades) 3:10 pm 1 mile

Elementary Open Girls (All Grades) 3:30 pm 1 mile


- Top 20 receive medals to be awarded at the finish line.

- Top 2 teams receive trophies or plaques in high school and middle school races for boys and girls.

- Top 2 teams in elementary receive plaques for boys and girls.

- Individual medals will be given out in the finish chute.

- Team awards presented at the completion of high school races, middle school races and elementary races.

- Awards ceremonies will be held in front of East Middle School by the main entrance.

IMPORTANT TICKET INFO: Admission will be $3 per person. There will only be online ticket sales (link not provided yet). KIDS UNDER 10 ARE FREE. 

Important note: This will take place  immediately after school! 

What to expect:

Location: E.P. Tom Sawyer Park


5:40 PM    5th - 6th Grade Girls - 3K

6:00 PM    5th - 6th Grade Boys - 3K

6:20 PM    3rd - 4th Grade Girls 2K

6:40 PM    3rd - 4th Grade Boys - 2K

7:00 PM    Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Girls - 1K 

7:05 PM    Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Boys - 1K


Team awards will be given to the top 3 teams in each race as well as the top 20 individuals (medals with top 3 individuals receiving a trophy) in each race EXCEPT the Kindergarten - 2nd Grade race. All finishers in the Kindergarten - 2nd Grade race will receive a ribbon and candy.

Driving Directions:

Alternate directions to Westport Road congestion

LaGrange Road (coming from the direction of Lyndon):

Park Road (coming from Anchorage):

Evergreen Road (coming from Middletown):

Parking Information:

Plenty of parking is available in the main concrete parking lot at Gate 2 and the grass field parking lot at Gate 1. Parking attendants will safely guide drivers into a spot in both of these lots.

Please follow the direction of police officers and volunteers directing traffic. Drivers who are dropping off passengers and not parking must still proceed into a parking lot to stop and drop off the passengers before exiting the lot.

Handicapped Parking:

All cars with a handicapped rider should proceed to Gate 1 on the south side of the race courses where you will be directed to the handicapped lot in the softball complex.


Admission is ($5) for an individual over the age of (10). Runners do not pay a gate fee.

Important note: This will take place  immediately after school! 

What to expect:

Location: E.P. Tom Sawyer Park


5:00pm Co-Ed K-1st 1200m

5:20pm Boys 3rd Grade and Under 2k

5:40pm Girls 3rd Grade and Under 2k

6:00pm Boys 5th Grade and Under 3k

6:30pm Girls 5th Grade and Under 3k

Awards: 7:15pm

Awards: Awards to top 25 individuals in each race, Team awards to the top 3 teams for each race

 Course Maps: 

K-1  1200m

Elementary 2k 

Elementary 3k

Entry to Venue: Please give ample arrival time and parking time as we have very large fields and entry/exit of the park will require time and patience throughout the weekend.  Please be kind to all meet volunteers and meet personnel.

Admission: Advance Purchase Tickets (please purchase tickets in advance) GoFan Ticketing (Elementary).


What to expect:

Oldham County High School and Middle School would like to invite you to the 5th annual Haunted Woods Classic. The meet will be competitive with a fun atmosphere as you race through the "haunted woods".  This meet is one of a kind and you will not race anything like it anywhere else.  It is one of the best courses in the area for both athletes and spectators and it has hands down the best theme!  Coaches and athletes rave about it so come on out and experience it for the first time or the 4th time...you will not be disappointed.


Oldham County High School

1150 North Highway 393

LaGrange , KY 40031


12:40 pm: ES Girls Championship - 3k (4th-5th) (max of 10 athletes/team)

1:00 pm:  ES Boys Championship - 3k (4th-5th) (max of 10 athletes/team)

1:20 pm:  ES Girls Open - 3K (4th-5th) (unlimited)

1:40 pm:  ES Boys Open - 3K  (4th-5th) (unlimited)

2:00 pm:  Primary Girls - 2k (K-3rd) (unlimited)

2:20 pm:  Primary Boys - 2k (K-3rd) (unlimited)


Top Runners:  2022 Individual Medals

Championship races = top 50

JV/Open races = top 20

Primary = top 30

Top 3 individual female/male runner in each Championship race = individual award

Team Awards:

Award for Champion & Runner-up Team in each HS Varsity & JV/MS/ES division 

Course Maps:






There is a lot of parking on campus. Please pay attention to the logistics map for parking areas. We do have overflow parking at Oldham County Middle School and Buckner Elementary for buses and cars. Please do not park in the buses only lot behind Oldham County High School.

Admission Charge: $10.00/FAMILY or $5/Person - Online purchase only: 


More information coming soon!

 What to expect:

STXXC would like to invite you to the 3rd Annual Halloween Hustle meet at Champions Park on Sunday, Oct 23rd. All races will be post season distances and age based. Awards will be handed out at the finish line, along with goody bags for kids. We invite any and all youth that want to enjoy a spooktacular race.


Louisville Champions Park


11/12 Boys - 12:40pm 3K

11/12 Girls - 1:00pm 3K

9/10 Boys - 1:25pm 3K

9/10 Girls - 1:45pm  3K

Age 8 & under Boys - 2:10pm 2K

Age 8 & under Girls - 2:25pm 2K

Awards: Top 10 in every race will receive place medals. All others will receive candy gift bags

Course Maps: